When I hired last May, I only heard about Twitter and how people felt about it. But shortly after, I was handed the keys of @ARMCommunity. This Twitter handle is used by ARM Connected Community to inform readers about ARM Partners, ARM Powered® products and events where you can meet ARM or Partners.
I started learning by reading documents people put on the Internet and got attracted by the excellent document Partick Hopper put together: How to use Twitter and Linkedin in the Embedded marketplace.
The author, VP of OpenSystems Media, asking for feedback, I complimented him and suggested a few changes. After this and a couple of email exchanges came the subject of this webcast.
Twitter in Embedded Market Presenters

On November 3rd, 6pm UK Time, Intel, Synopsys, ARM and OpenSystems Media will discuss of their different approach on Twitter use.
Among others, you will be able to hear what kind of tools are available to you and how these reknown companies are using them.

If you are interested, you can watch for #embedcast and/or follow one of the following Twitter accounts:

Finally, you are welcome to register to attend this free online event at http://bit.ly/TwCast.

Prepare your questions!