On the 10th November was launched the Go4SET project for the East of England. The event took place in Swaffham at the EcoTech Centre, the only wind generator you can visit.
Seeing emails going round the office, I was attracted to become a STEM Ambassador for Cambridgeshire.
ARM is giving back to the local community in participating in this program and also other education programs like the Engineering Education Scheme.

To Qualify
The process is fairly simple. Of course, being in the UK, you need to be checked. But the scheme is pretty useless and will therefore be changed. The Criminal Reference Bureau check (CRB) is about offences you might have committed. Once you have been checked I have been told you are cleared for life…
Being a foreigner, I was expecting never ending justification of my existence to be able to participate (like when you want to become a blood donor and if you get too weak afterwards you can be reported to the DVLA and have restriction on your driving license!). But, as long as you have been a UK resident for more than a year, you need to justify your address and identity and you are on your way…

Before being operational
The following step is to attend the induction session.
British Antarctic Survey CambridgeIt was organised by STEM Cambridgeshire at the British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge. About 20 people met around the STEM staff and an Irish presenter.
The day was spent on how to present mostly: be interesting to your audience, how to make them participate… Of course all of this targeted to children and teenagers.
Good tips were provided like “Don’t try to act young, be natural“.
In my case, I would act more as a mentor than presenter, but it is always useful to get new ideas!

Then came the waiting… Because there was no school available for me!