Time to start!
Shortly after though I heard about the Netherhall School, Cambridge looking for an Ambassador. Quite handy as the school is about two minutes away from my house cycling! and on the way to work on top of this!
To launch the event, we had to go more than an hour drive away though 😉

EcoTech Centre logo

The EcoTech Centre kindly invited us in their office. This was a nice location to talk about Energy Saving and Environmental Impact as the building has been designed for energy efficiency and most of it can be recycled.

We were six groups with about 6 students per group, one/two teachers and a company mentor.
During the day we were explained what the project was about and also what was ‘expected’ from the groups. For instance how to act, see with the teacher how to interact…
More importantly, this was the first team meeting! The occasion for me to meet Joel, Liam, Molly, Sophie, Fiona, Michael. I also met a supply-teacher and the head cover, but I don’t think they’ll be participating much… from what I figured at the following meeting.

The day ended with presentation from the students and I have to confess that they were the best group! Not only they presented comfortably, they didn’t even used notes… whilst the other groups were talking low or not avoiding eye contact.
Sounded promising…

Soon for the next episode: my meeting on Tuesday 17th at the School.
Comments are welcome, if anyone is reading 😉

The Netherhall School and Sixth Form College