Going There…
Well, I was a bit dreading the entrance I have to admit. Expecting almost to be searched, to go below the metal detector, ID checked, being escorted all the time with a special badge.
UK is, in general, very paranoid when it comes to security. So I was prepared for the worse!

The Netherhall School

Arrived on time on my bicycle, I went towards the entrance. There was an electric lock… like you see for doors in jail on TV. A pupil opened the door and here I am in front of the desk and the woman says “Where is he gone?!”. I was just in front, and she then left. A bit surprised, I realised she was talking about the youngster who just opened the door for me.
After a couple of minutes I’m asked if someone was dealing with me. No time for the teacher to be called and Joel is at the entrance to pick me up.
No ID check, no badge, not that bad then. They still have a bit of faith left in human kind in this school 🙂 (Having said that, Joel knew me and therefore I was not a total stranger. I feel obliged to justify otherwise I can see one newspaper without anything to say starting to slender the school)

I arrived in the classroom and met Ben, the coordinator for the Gifted and Talented who also teaches Sciences. I only learnt when leaving that all the group is actually in the top 5% of the school… Nice!
Three of them also participate to the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Students had a bit of homework to do and they had to brainstorm on what building to concentrate on.
The goal of the project is to find improvements in energy efficiency, and, the cherry on the cake would be for their improvements to be implemented.

A great example for them is a new building using geothermal energy which should be finished soon.

Tubes used for heat exchange (from WikiCommons)
The team decided which building they wanted to concentrate on and explained why we needed to plan.
As there are quite a few things to do, it is important to know at which stage we are and if we are early or late. I insisted in the fact that the tool is not to put blame, but rather to understand if someone needs to help someone else on his/her task.
I took as an action to organize a visit of the office and sent a preliminary planning for them to have something to start with. (just realised I didn’t entered their half term in February)

Project Gantt Chart
Preliminary Gantt chart for Go4SET
Next time on here… what I plan to prepare for an office visit!