I managed to meet the European Facilities Manager at the office. And I learnt how much the company pays in electricity.

Schaffnertasche mit galoppwechsler

Each building spend £15,000 a month in electricity only… And there are three buildings. Now I see my £70 per quarter in a different way. I find them almost attractive!

Hopefully this number will be as surprising to the students as it was to me.

The company energy consumption has been growing constantly and there is a real willingness to cut it down. Offices include computers and lights, but also the air conditioning. It seems that even if the heating is done via gas, just the circulation of the air through the buildings has a good share in the electricity bill.

There are also quite a few computer servers running all year round. These could be outsourced so the company does not need bigger generator as it grows. These generators are here to be certain customers can access what they paid for even if the National Grid has issues (and it seemed it happened often enough in the past).

Enjoy don't destroy

Energy saving opportunities are already in place, but don’t seem too much publicized.

For instance, finishing quite late at night, I have observed that office lights were switched off by Security. Even if that is common sense, employees don’t seem to do it by themselves…

A good area of improvement I suggested was may be to get people to also switch their screen off. Daily I can see that most screens stay in stand-by, whether they are away for the night or for a couple of weeks.

Another issue to solve was the risk assessment for the school members to be able to come over. This one was not solved as I was asked to get a form from the school instead. Hopefully it won’t be too much trouble.

Anyway, I learnt yesterday that the office visit would have to take place in the new year because the school starts a “mock exam period”.

As my weekly visit as been spaced to forthnightly, I hope we can still keep the project going to a very nice standard of quality so the student have nice projects to show for CREST and the Duke of Edinburgh

Next Visit is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

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