It has now been a couple of weeks, but let’s say I have not really had time to get bored… With a bit of travel and friends.

The event went well and we had more than 250 registrations. Of course, as always with online events, not everyone showed up. But still, I think we had around 150 attendees on the call. Quite pleasing for my first webcast.
Of course, I understand that I’m not the individual who brought most of the attendees. But having been with Karen Bartleson, Jim St Leger and Pat was a really great experience.
I also have to applaud Lori Kate for following the call AND tweeting about it all along.

During the event, we exchanged methods and experience with different existing tools.
I have to admit that I became a real fan of Hootsuite… With two main features missing, I am still using SocialOomph and to deal with welcome message and address shortening.
A good example would be if you wish to get the slides from the presentation, you could go to where you could also listen to the recording. (Yes, you can personalise URLs)

We received quite a few questions during the conference and was slightly disappointed we didn’t have time to address them all. I have to admit that we didn’t expect that much interest. Even if we knew it was a first in the business.

After the conference, I had the pleasure to answer a couple of questions through Twitter and would happily do it again or through comments if you have any.
I’m not pretending to be a Guru, but I simply enjoy sharing knowledge!

Thanks Patrick for the opportunity.