Here is my first shot on the company blog. I only publish a extract here. On the day, I was also present on Twitter, sending a few of the pictures you see below but also from other booth showing ARM colours…

ARM Cortex-M4 Sphere demo

I arrived in Nuremberg, Germany on Tuesday lunchtime and noticed immediately that the pace in Nuremberg was pretty fast. I spent the first afternoon of Embedded World at the ARM Keil booth assisting with the demo setup. Demos include the video-sphere (displaying the Earth on the photo) based on the Cortex-M3 processor and also a weather station with sensors talking to a web server through a CAN bus. Of course, all were developed using RL-ARM from Keil.

DS-5 Tool

ARM Development Suite 5 launch at Embedded World

The main announcement for Keil was the launch of the Development Studio 5 (DS-5) tool. This is a brand new Eclipse-based IDE tailored for Linux development. The picture on the right (click on them for a bigger view) shows the debugger linked to a board running Google Android 2.0 OS. The ARM Solution Center for Android seeks to fulfil all of your Android development needs.

As you can imagine, there was a lot of interest in this demo and you will be able to find this demo on ARMflix YouTube channel, along with other video interviews from Embedded World, as soon as they are ready.

Cortex-M4 Processor

Also at the show, ARM is showcasing the recently-launched Cortex-M4 processor. Similar to other Cortex-M series processors, the Cortex-M4 also features DSP instructions, making it a perfect product for digital signal control (DSC), among other applications.

ARM Connected Community

The ARM Connected Community is out in full force at Embedded World! More than 70 companies are presenting ARM Powered technology at the show. – see the full list here Embedded World (EW) 804KB Download PDF File

To hightlight just a few, Actel is presenting Smart Fusion: FPGA + Cortex-M3 and programmable analog; Parasoft is showing a demo based on STM32, using Keil μLink Pro; the Energy Micro booth is focused on the EFM32, another Cortex-M3 implementation; Hitex Development Tools are showing their Serial Wire Viewer (SWV) and NXP is giving away LPCXpresso EVBs with an espresso coffee!

I feel that Cortex-M3 technology is omnipresent at Embedded World and I think that is due to the increase in everyone’s energy consciousness. Using an ARM MCU makes it easy and quick to produce highly energy-efficient products!

Actel Smart Fusion at Embedded World
Parasoft showing Keil uLink at Embedded World
Energy Micro EFM32 Cortex-M3 at Embedded World

With more than 700+ Partners in the ARM Connected Community (CC) the benefits of such a large ecosystem were very prevalent at the show. If you also use ARM technology, do have a look at what the free program offers you.

My last day at the show will consist of walking a few miles, meeting companies in order to learn about their products and then going back to Cambridge to send all the details I promised!
You are welcome to contact the CC team at [email protected] or to grab us at the next show.