Quite an interesting question when you look at how many blogs I have created within the last year! WordPress.com, Google Blogger and now this one.

I found that WordPress.com was too limited to my taste as I like to personalise. After all, I will be the one seeing my blog most often (reality check 😉 ) therefore just as well I like it.
Google Blogger is quite good and I have enjoyed it, but my work required me to project manage a new website creation and the CMS used happens to be Worpress. As I wished to better understand the tool, I looked around about it.
First, I do like the Open Source Software very much and I enjoy the fact that you can tailor WordPress as much as you like.

After a couple of hours playing around with it I got the CMS installed and was fiddling with the parameters… WordPress has a famous 5 minute installation, however, because my host FTP had trouble logging me in, it did bring the installation to a bit less than an hour.

Then, I found the tool is fantastic to use and could do quite a bit. I hope that if someone is reading, this someone likes the theme.

Finally, having my blog on the server I already pay yearly seemed like a sensible idea. I have been reading of blog disappearing on some providers, whilst my host backs their servers up, hopefully.

That’s all folks but feel welcome to tell which CMS you prefer.
In the meantime, I am going to Eurocloud and adapt the content :p