Social Media NetworksIf you are interested in ARM Architecture and in ARM Technology, you are probably already a member of the Linkedin ARM Based Group. If you haven’t feel welcome to have a peek. I sent the following message to the 3000 members and do welcome your feedback here or there!

Dear all,
I was finding it a bit of a stretch to expect anyone to remember that, to go to the Linkedin ARM Based Group, you need to go to… as I cannot.

Now, no need to bookmark it!
Naturally go to and we’ll put you straight through…

Even if this Linkedin group is not an ARM official group, you have to admit that Stephan Cadene has been doing a great job and we are happy to facilitate.
This shortcut is a nice token of appreciation when the group reached the 3000 members.

I would use this occasion to summarize ARM Social Media presence so you can follow/like/subscribe through your preferred medium.

  • ARM on YouTube: Our graphics team regularly updates the channel which has been rewarded quite a few times already. If you are not part of the millions of views for the ARM Powered Rubix cube solver, I can only encourage you to have a look…
  • ARM Facebook:  from there you can access our blogs, read only our major tweets, and are welcome to comment on our news.
  • Twitter: @ARMCommunity, @ARMMobile, @ARMEmbedded, @ARMLowPwr, @ARMMali & @KeilTools are the official ones. News from ARM, our Partners and the market are selected and relayed to you. You can suggest content to us or ask us questions as we aim to reply to all messages.
  • ARM News Feeds: Different feeds for you to know the latest without being flooded…
  • ARM Blogs: ARM online communities are reaching their 500,000 views after a bit more than a year. Thoughts from ARM leaders, as well as news from events, are regularly posted and this is another way to tell us what you think. Furthermore, we are actively looking for Partner blogs. ARM Connected Community (CC) members, like ST Ericsson, Ideaworks Labs and Cypress Semiconductor took the opportunity. If you haven’t already, join the 725 CC members and let us know!

ARM announced their Q2 results.
Finally, look out for IQ Online magazine as Stephan should have an article in the end of year edition.

Thank you to all members for your participation, what would you like to see more of?
Need anything? Just ask and we’ll see what we can do for you…

Kind regards,

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