TwitterTwo years ago, I did not “do” Social Media at all. Then I learnt, a bit the same way I learnt how to cook!

I started by following recipes found on the web (or grandmother for cooking), and then made my own. I mean, when you don’t really know what you are doing, you try. Then, when you understand better, you become more adventurous 😉 and you get to know which flavours work together.

1- Twitter

Back in May 2009, I didn’t have a Twitter account and started cutting my teeth on @AlbanRampon, and @ARMCommunity had less than 200 followers.ARMCommunity TwitterBefore ‘talking’, I listened, I read carefully to grasp the etiquette… Twitter messages can indeed be very cryptic with all these #, @and other weird links. Straight away I felt that messages like “I just ate a bagel” were of little interest as ARM does not really make bagels.

The short number of characters allowed is really a good constraint to force you to be concise!

I started with a tool called TweetDeck and SocialOomph (TweetLater at the time). A great duo which was temporarily superseded by HootSuite. But I’m now back to my winning couple and have even participated to TweetDeck French translation to help spread their great work even further.
TweetDeck gives you a great dashboard to not only send messages but more importantly LISTEN! I mean if you don’t listen to anyone, why would they listen to you?

My current recipe is to subscribe to keywords via SocialOomph. I receive these updates every 12h and it tells me what has been said about subjects I am interested in. Using a Twitter search was not giving me trustful results unfortunately.

Then, from this list of tweets, I can select a few I find of value, retweet the content and follow their authors. Still, I don’t feel only recycling tweets brings much value. Therefore I tweet content I find through Google Keywords or blogs/newsletters I subscribed to in order to offer/suggest something more.

Finally, I enjoy finding what people like to give them what they want. Asking is a good method 😉 and replying to questions you are asked about is also being polite.

To sum up, working with my manager @LoriKate on @ARMCommunity, I think we manage to balance discussion, new content and interesting content repeat from ARM Partners.
I feel @ARMCommunity grows because we care, we are passionate about our Partners’ success and because we act on the feedback we receive…

Do you follow us? Anything you would like to hear about?


Next entry will be on Linkedin… to have a look at the group now.