LinkedinPreviously I was discussing about Twitter but there is another medium I have been using for much longer. At the time, it was only a CV website and it has since been evolving towards the one stop shop for professionals.

2- Linkedin

I believe I started on Linkedin near 2007. Nowadays, I think I am on the site more often than on Facebook! As most people have a CV, it is quite easy to start on that website and just paste sections of your CV. Then, and only then, I would say that the work starts.

Today, you have several ways to shine:

I’ll start with the short ones: from personal experience and metrics, I have not seen a tangible ROI for Linkedin company products therefore it’s not an area I am willing to spend time on currently. IMHO, your website is probably the best place to describe your products and Search Engines will let people find it, provided you designed it efficiently. Of course, if you have experienced otherwise, please do share.

The company profile should be easy for you to create as you are likely to already have a paragraph somewhere explaining what the company does… or at least one would hope so :p

Moving on to the personal profile. I feel that, like a CV, the work is never finished! Not only do I keep updating expertise, experience and latest projects I am involved with, but I also try to improve my wording, the way I describe to be more concise.

ARM Based Group Linkedin

ARM Based Group Linkedin

Probably the most interesting and challenging part, I find. Creating a group is easy, but having people joining, staying and participating is a different story.
My principles are quite simple: if you want people to stay, you have to make them feel comfortable. If you want people to participate, you have to listen to what they have to say. (I know… listen again and again)

For instance, for the ARM Based Group, members said they didn’t want spam or non-ARM content, so there isn’t any spam and non-ARM related content. I have to admit that as the group grows, it is more and more difficult to enforce with some members push their advert through. But with determination…and the moderation tools Linkedin put in place, it is now less time consuming.

Finally, I don’t feel each business needs to create its own group because I think it could be splitting the audience without any real benefit. As an example, ARM did not create the ARM Based Group! And as we found a way to collaborate with Stephan, there was no reason not to share our efforts.


I find Linkedin to be an efficient and very interesting tool. However, many system evolutions are playing against group owners. Even if I understand the wish/need to monetize the services, less visibility on group members is making group more difficult to fulfil the members expectations…
If you are also working with groups, would you share your experience? Do you have any advice or tip I could use?

Kindly, Alban