After some Google Analytics report review, it became apparent that the Not Found page was displayed to a few visitors. I have been working on several ways to limit that not so good experience. If you look at the page below, I was a bit underwhelmed.

Default 404 Error Page

Default 404 Error Page

The first ways of addressing errors has been to send traffic to the proper location for URL consistently being wrong. These are from decades worth of traffic and redirects after redirects from different website refreshes… so not really a way to solve at the source.

Then, for all the other errors, I wanted visitors to have a way of finding something instead of the default page which was just giving up.

My Requirements for the New 404 Not Found Page

  1. Serve a more engaging page to the visitor,
  2. Suggest communities to the visitor to discover content,
  3. Suggest getting started content,
  4. Promote the instant site wide search to reach the initially wanted content,
  5. Be informal,
  6. Support different languages.


I asked the graphics team for something I could use in any language and something different than the usual weaker theme leaving stardom to the content.

I promote the communities on the page, so people can navigate to a particular area of interest.

Also, I link to the getting started information of the community.

The Newer 404 Not Found Page

The Newer 404 Not Found Page

What’s Next?

As further improvements, I would like to have dynamic content. For instance, I think serving trending or popular content may be more useful than the getting started information…

Metrics will tell if they are being clicked on. Then, I will have to find time to implement it.

New 404 Not Found Page Implementation

On Jive 6, the template for this page is /template/global/not-found.ftl.

The easiest way if for you to create a document somewhere hidden in your community and reuse the HTML. You will note that the text has been changed slightly to add “moved” content. If moving most content doesn’t cause any issue, moving a blog can unfortunately break links.

You will see that the text is not hardcoded in English because I want the text to be localised as much as possible. Of course content won’t translate itself!

Here is my simple HTML below. I removed some of the elements to simplify this article. Full not-found.ftl source file.
* Change History
* ID Date Change
* AR 15/11/14 Creation, F87 - Helpful 404 Page
<title><@s.text name="global.error" /></title>
<meta name="nosidebar" content="true" />
<body class="jive-body-formpage">
<img alt="Error 404 Page Not Found" class="noZoom" style="float:right;" src="/resources/statics/1002/404_PageNotFound.png" />
<div id="jive-body-intro">
<h1><@s.text name="error.not_found.gtitle"/></h1>
<!-- BEGIN main body column container -->
<div id="jive-body-maincol-container">
<!-- BEGIN main body column -->
<div id="jive-body-maincol">
<div class="jive-box jive-box-form jive-standard-formblock-container">
<div class="jive-box-body jive-standard-formblock">
<!-- BEGIN header & intro -->
<@s.text name="error.not_found.description" />
<!-- END header & intro -->
<!-- END main body column -->
<div class="jive-rendered-content">
<p></p><p></p><!-- Here lies the instant search box -->
<div id="j-search-widget" style="margin:10px;"><div id="searchpopupanchorwidget659815892" class="j-spotlight-search">
<span><label for="autosearchwidget659815892" class="j-508-label">Search the community</label><input data-spotlight-enabled="true" id="autosearchwidget659815892" class="j-ui-elem" data-component="autosearch" data-popup-anchor="searchpopupanchorwidget659815892" placeholder="<@s.text name=""/>" type="text" role="combobox" data-hidetypes="bookmarks frequent recent " data-community-name="ARM Connected Community" maxlength="250" aria-autocomplete="list" style="border: 2px solid #4e5584; margin: 0 auto; width: 50%; border-radius: 15px;box-shadow: 0 0 6px #bbb inset;padding: 6px;"><div class="jive-spotlight-search-result" data-component="popup" style="display: none;" aria-busy="true"><div></div></div></span><span class="j-ui-elem"></span><span class="jive-icon-sml j-active" data-component="button" data-type="clear" data-field="autosearchwidget659815892"></span></div></div>
<h1><@s.text name="global.places"/></h1>
<table border="1" style="padding: 10px;">
<td><a href="/groups/processors" class="jivecontainerTT-hover-container jive-link-socialgroup-small" data-containerid="17" data-containertype="-2" data-objectid="1065" data-objecttype="700">
ARM Processors</a>
</td><td><a href="/groups/arm-mali-graphics" class="jivecontainerTT-hover-container jive-link-socialgroup-small" data-containerid="17" data-containertype="-2" data-objectid="1063" data-objecttype="700">
ARM Mali Graphics</a>
</td><td><a href="/groups/tools" class="jivecontainerTT-hover-container jive-link-socialgroup-small" data-containerid="17" data-containertype="-2" data-objectid="1060" data-objecttype="700">
ARM and Keil Tools</a>
<tr><td><a href="/community/community-help" class="jivecontainerTT-hover-container jive-link-community-small" data-containerid="1" data-containertype="14" data-objectid="2001" data-objecttype="14" >
Community Help</a>
</td><td colspan="2">
<a class="jive-link-blog-small" data-containerid="17" data-containertype="-2" data-objectid="1231" data-objecttype="37" href="/blogs/connecting-the-dots">Connecting the Dots: Community Highlights, Tips...</a>
<h1><@s.text name="userbar.welcome.gtitle"/></h1>
<table border="1" style="padding: 10px;">
<td><a class="jive-link-wiki-small" data-containerid="2001" data-containertype="14" data-objectid="7021" data-objecttype="102" href="/docs/DOC-7021">
Are You New To The ARM Connected Community?</a>
<td><a class="jive-link-blog-small" data-containerid="1169" data-containertype="37" data-objectid="2929" data-objecttype="38" href="/community/arm-cc-cn/blog/2014/03/19/%E4%B8%AD%E5%9B%BD%E4%BB%A5%E5%8F%8A%E4%B8%AD%E6%96%87%E7%94%A8%E6%88%B7%E8%AF%B7%E7%9C%8B%E8%BF%99%E9%87%8C">中国以及中文用户请看这里</a>
<td><a class="jive-link-wiki-small" data-containerid="2001" data-containertype="14" data-objectid="2152" data-objecttype="102" href="/docs/DOC-2152">
Community Information Architecture - How is it Organised</a>
<!-- END main body column container -->