I am an electronics engineer experienced in Automotive as well as Consumer and Industrial product design. I love spending a lot of my time helping engineers worldwide with specialist questions in electronics and microcontrollers/networks in particular.

Being a keen trainer helps me giving straight and understandable answers, always thriving to the highest standard of quality. (training example for S12X 16-bit MCUs)

Today I use both my technical knowledge and customer dedication as the global community manager of the ARM Connected Community, a network of 1200+ Partner companies part of the biggest ecosystem of the industry.
You are very welcome to drop me an email if you have any question…


– Protocols: CAN, LIN, SCI, SPI…
– Digital & analog electronics (extensive in µc and oscillators)
– PCB layout,
– Expert in embedded C,
– Networks design, realisation and maintenance: routing (NAT/PAT), VPN clients, servers and clients, Windows (all versions)…
– Bilingual English and French.
– Excellent people skills, used in crisis resolution, trainings and other assistance.
– Project management with planning and realization.
– Reliable, never promise what I cannot keep.

You can find me in Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other social sites… But I usually only connect with people I do know. To get to know me, we can start by exchanging emails or meeting for a coffee!


Some Social Media and Technical Community Management Examples

  • LinkedIn: For CV and prof networking.
  • Jive World 2014 speaker: Going Global – Launching and Engaging Multi-Lingual Communities

    Jive World 2014 Going Global – Launching and Engaging Multi-Lingual Communities

    Jive World 2014 Going Global – Launching and Engaging Multi-Lingual Communities

  • ARM TechCon 2011 speaker: How to choose your ARM Cortex-M series microcontroller

    ARM TechCon 2011 Choose Your Cortex-M MCU

    ATC222 – How to choose your ARM Cortex-M microcontroller

  • Twitter – ARMCommunity: From my hiring date in May 2009 and for about a year, I worked on growing the account by posting useful content and took the 200 follower accounts to a couple of thousands. My contribution was noticed as I was invited to host a webcast only months after touching Twitter for the first time.
  • Webcast-Twitter in the Embedded Marketplace. Webcast on 3rd November 2009, 1pm EDT. 250+ registrations. Now available are the slides and audio recording.
  • Freescale Forum Creation and 1st Anniversary Metrics report. A year after leading this great community of engineers, I summarized activities and progress.
  • How to use Twitter and Linkedin in the Embedded marketplace. I participated to this document from Patrick Hopper (VP of OpenSystems Media) on guidelines on how to use Twitter and Linkedin in electronics. I recommend you follow Patrick!

Some Technical Contributions Examples