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I managed to meet the European Facilities Manager at the office. And I learnt how much the company pays in electricity.

Schaffnertasche mit galoppwechsler

Each building spend £15,000 a month in electricity only… And there are three buildings. Now I see my £70 per quarter in a different way. I find them almost attractive!

Hopefully this number will be as surprising to the students as it was to me.

The company energy consumption has been growing constantly and there is a real willingness to cut it down. Offices include computers and lights, but also the air conditioning. It seems that even if the heating is done via gas, just the circulation of the air through the buildings has a good share in the electricity bill.

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On the 10th November was launched the Go4SET project for the East of England. The event took place in Swaffham at the EcoTech Centre, the only wind generator you can visit.
Seeing emails going round the office, I was attracted to become a STEM Ambassador for Cambridgeshire.
ARM is giving back to the local community in participating in this program and also other education programs like the Engineering Education Scheme. continue reading…

It has now been a couple of weeks, but let’s say I have not really had time to get bored… With a bit of travel and friends.

The event went well and we had more than 250 registrations. Of course, as always with online events, not everyone showed up. But still, I think we had around 150 attendees on the call. Quite pleasing for my first webcast.
Of course, I understand that I’m not the individual who brought most of the attendees. But having been with Karen Bartleson, Jim St Leger and Pat was a really great experience.
I also have to applaud Lori Kate for following the call AND tweeting about it all along. continue reading…

When I hired last May, I only heard about Twitter and how people felt about it. But shortly after, I was handed the keys of @ARMCommunity. This Twitter handle is used by ARM Connected Community to inform readers about ARM Partners, ARM Powered® products and events where you can meet ARM or Partners.
I started learning by reading documents people put on the Internet and got attracted by the excellent document Partick Hopper put together: How to use Twitter and Linkedin in the Embedded marketplace. continue reading…