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Why Google Tag Manager with Jive?

You can update the tracked objects or metrics without having to edit your Jive instance configuration each time. That is especially useful for people on Cloud instances who cannot edit the script call themselves.

The value for Hosted customers is that you have less risks of hanging the system as you don’t fiddle with it!

Google Tag Manager also allows you to have multiple access and version control: you don’t need to give full system administrator access to your community to people only maintaining the metrics…

The detailed principle is not only usable on Jive communities as it is generic. I have transposed my “legacy” Tags/Rules/Macros to the new beta Tags/Triggers/Variables. If you encounter issues using my description, please let me know so I can correct/ improve it.

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C’est seulement en préparant mon rendez-vous à l’ambassade américaine pour un visa que je me suis rendu compte à quel point j’étais devenu dépendant…
Voici une réflexion sur mon expérience personelle… Vous decouvrirez que vous etes peut-etre aussi accroc de technologie que moi!

Tout d’abord, j’ai du remplir une demande en ligne sur le site de l’ambassade (le DS-160). J’ai donc utilisé un smartbook Toshiba AC-100 basé sur un CPU ARM Cortex-A8. La webcam s’est avérée très utile pour ajouter ma photo (sans sourire). Ensuite, j’ai utilisé un autre produit utilisant un processeur ARM: l’imprimante HP Photosmart C309n afin d’imprimer tout les reçus pour mon rendez-vous

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Being quite involved in Twitter and other social media these days, I am always looking for ways to improve my efficiency and increase the too infamous Return On Investment… Which I find being “How much sales does it really generates?”

The easy way is to look around and see what other people do, assess if it is pertinent in your market and then tweak to adapt to your exact goal.
Going round the different blogs, most writer asks for comments. But do they really want to know what you have to say, or they just wish confirmation that people displaying the page actually read it?… or they just want a blessing, confirmation that we agree with what they say? continue reading…

Today, I wanted to highlight what I notice over the last ten years.
My friends and family had a common complaint: you are always changing phone number.
The reality is a bit different as I actually accumulate them and don’t really replace them.
So, in order to limit complaints and, hopefully, get more incoming calls from my beloved contacts, I created a contact page I keep updated when I move here or there… From a country to the next or from an operator to a cheaper one.
And… I failed!
The excuse I then got was: “I don’t remember your URL”
This used to be a fair notice as is not necessarily an easy domain name to keep in mind, even if it has a very legit explanation both in French and English…
In French, K-Noo is to be read as “Qu’à nous“, meaning only ours as in “only our domain name”
In English, K-Noo is slightly Scottish and means Knowledge Now and was the name of the Network Consulting business I started in 2003, on labour day!
But now, the excuse does not even stand anymore as I can be found under my name. I never thought I would, but I did buy my name as a dot com…
To put in a nutshell, if people don’t call you, they will always be able to put it on you 😉