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Quite an interesting question when you look at how many blogs I have created within the last year!, Google Blogger and now this one.

I found that was too limited to my taste as I like to personalise. After all, I will be the one seeing my blog most often (reality check 😉 ) therefore just as well I like it.
Google Blogger is quite good and I have enjoyed it, but my work required me to project manage a new website creation and the CMS used happens to be Worpress. As I wished to better understand the tool, I looked around about it.
First, I do like the Open Source Software very much and I enjoy the fact that you can tailor WordPress as much as you like. continue reading…

Here is my first shot on the company blog. I only publish a extract here. On the day, I was also present on Twitter, sending a few of the pictures you see below but also from other booth showing ARM colours…

ARM Cortex-M4 Sphere demo

I arrived in Nuremberg, Germany on Tuesday lunchtime and noticed immediately that the pace in Nuremberg was pretty fast. I spent the first afternoon of Embedded World at the ARM Keil booth assisting with the demo setup. Demos include the video-sphere (displaying the Earth on the photo) based on the Cortex-M3 processor and also a weather station with sensors talking to a web server through a CAN bus. Of course, all were developed using RL-ARM from Keil. continue reading…

Being quite involved in Twitter and other social media these days, I am always looking for ways to improve my efficiency and increase the too infamous Return On Investment… Which I find being “How much sales does it really generates?”

The easy way is to look around and see what other people do, assess if it is pertinent in your market and then tweak to adapt to your exact goal.
Going round the different blogs, most writer asks for comments. But do they really want to know what you have to say, or they just wish confirmation that people displaying the page actually read it?… or they just want a blessing, confirmation that we agree with what they say? continue reading…

Ola Visitors,
As my work includes working with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and we just launched a blog at ARM, I decided to start on one myself…
Once I set this up, I will talk about what I see at work and probably how I feel about my new city: Cambridge.
Cheers, Alban.

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