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At the time of writing, I am looking after the ARM Connected Community. Not only as Enterprise Community Manager but also system administrator of our Jive community. So, when our members and community owners (the people who own an area in the community) asked for features, I want to see what I could do. If don’t intend to do anything with user feedback, what’s the point in asking for it?

Why do Custom Theme in Jive

Out of the box, you cannot find any social sharing capability. Most likely because Jive software was primarily used for internal communities. Social media is an important way to promote content. Part of the project delivery included adding social sharing capability, so I didn’t start from scratch. However, shortly after launch we discovered that our requirements were quite sub-optimal (not to say wrong). The major flaw was that the social sharing buttons (icons) were only visible to members who logged in, and not to simple visitors. Also, community owners indicated that they were more likely to share content they have read… so having the social sharing buttons at the bottom of the content was also judicious.

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We have a technical community and the company is present on a few social networks. That is what determined the choice of social sharing buttons: Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Sina Weibo (for our Chinese audience). You can learn more about my employer social media presence in ARM Social Media.

Social Sharing Icon Tray

Example of Social Sharing Icons Implemented

Once you create your publisher account, and selected your social networks you get two things to insert in your page:

  1. The javascript code which dictates the behaviour,
  2. The buttons themselves to add where you want them in your page.

NOTE: call the JavaScript in your page footer instead of the recommended <head>, this way if the script takes longer to load, your full page is not frozen empty… That’s happened to me and a few others

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LinkedinPreviously I was discussing about Twitter but there is another medium I have been using for much longer. At the time, it was only a CV website and it has since been evolving towards the one stop shop for professionals.

2- Linkedin

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Social Media NetworksIf you are interested in ARM Architecture and in ARM Technology, you are probably already a member of the Linkedin ARM Based Group. If you haven’t feel welcome to have a peek. I sent the following message to the 3000 members and do welcome your feedback here or there!

Dear all,
I was finding it a bit of a stretch to expect anyone to remember that, to go to the Linkedin ARM Based Group, you need to go to… as I cannot.

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Today, I wanted to highlight what I notice over the last ten years.
My friends and family had a common complaint: you are always changing phone number.
The reality is a bit different as I actually accumulate them and don’t really replace them.
So, in order to limit complaints and, hopefully, get more incoming calls from my beloved contacts, I created a contact page I keep updated when I move here or there… From a country to the next or from an operator to a cheaper one.
And… I failed!
The excuse I then got was: “I don’t remember your URL”
This used to be a fair notice as is not necessarily an easy domain name to keep in mind, even if it has a very legit explanation both in French and English…
In French, K-Noo is to be read as “Qu’à nous“, meaning only ours as in “only our domain name”
In English, K-Noo is slightly Scottish and means Knowledge Now and was the name of the Network Consulting business I started in 2003, on labour day!
But now, the excuse does not even stand anymore as I can be found under my name. I never thought I would, but I did buy my name as a dot com…
To put in a nutshell, if people don’t call you, they will always be able to put it on you 😉