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Aide-mémoire of my extracurricular activities

Social Media NetworksIf you are interested in ARM Architecture and in ARM Technology, you are probably already a member of the Linkedin ARM Based Group. If you haven’t feel welcome to have a peek. I sent the following message to the 3000 members and do welcome your feedback here or there!

Dear all,
I was finding it a bit of a stretch to expect anyone to remember that, to go to the Linkedin ARM Based Group, you need to go to… as I cannot.

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nginxIf you land here, you know that nginx web server does not support .htaccess files Apache is working with… And, complying to Murphy’s Law, most of the help you will find is for Apache! 🙂
Whilst building a server on Tegra 250 (ARM® Cortex-A9™ dual core), Nginx had been chosen for some of its features.
Running BuddyPress, from the WordPress family, the unfriendly Error 404 was appearing when trying to use the SEO friendly URLs (or slug). continue reading…

Voici, étape par étape, comment j’ai déménagé mes services vers Hostpapa, un hébergeur chez les cousins Canadiens mais qui est plus rapide et… fonctionne. Le tout a été fait sans interruption de service!

Green EnergyTrop de contacts se plaignent de voir leurs emails refusés car Free/Proxad/Online considère que leur adresse IP génèrerait trop d’erreurs. Le service de support technique a, une fois de plus, botté en touche en rejetant la faute sur les autres.
Si on rajoute le fait qu’en suivant les conseils de ce cher support technique, mon père a perdu tout ses mails, ses boites, bases de données et fichiers quand il demandait seulement à ne pas etre transféré sur une offre coûtant le double, j’ai décidé de franchir le pas et d’aller donner mon argent ailleurs.

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A garden by Williams F1

A garden by Williams F1

The Mentor Graphics’ EDA Tech Forums at the Williams F1 Conference centre in Oxfordshire, UK provided an interesting diversity of topics I would summarize that tomorrow’s tools as well as new IP development will ensure we keep getting smarter and smarter mobile devices in our pockets without having to carry your charger!

Dr Wally Rhines, Mentor Graphics CEO, keynote “Delivering 10X Design Improvements” made the day’s goal quite clear from the start. To achieve this tenfold increase of transistor number, we need to continuously create better methods and not only try and improve older ones.

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Quite an interesting question when you look at how many blogs I have created within the last year!, Google Blogger and now this one.

I found that was too limited to my taste as I like to personalise. After all, I will be the one seeing my blog most often (reality check 😉 ) therefore just as well I like it.
Google Blogger is quite good and I have enjoyed it, but my work required me to project manage a new website creation and the CMS used happens to be Worpress. As I wished to better understand the tool, I looked around about it.
First, I do like the Open Source Software very much and I enjoy the fact that you can tailor WordPress as much as you like. continue reading…

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