Alban Rampon

Aide-mémoire of my extracurricular activities

Here is my first shot on the company blog. I only publish a extract here. On the day, I was also present on Twitter, sending a few of the pictures you see below but also from other booth showing ARM colours…

ARM Cortex-M4 Sphere demo

I arrived in Nuremberg, Germany on Tuesday lunchtime and noticed immediately that the pace in Nuremberg was pretty fast. I spent the first afternoon of Embedded World at the ARM Keil booth assisting with the demo setup. Demos include the video-sphere (displaying the Earth on the photo) based on the Cortex-M3 processor and also a weather station with sensors talking to a web server through a CAN bus. Of course, all were developed using RL-ARM from Keil. continue reading…

I managed to meet the European Facilities Manager at the office. And I learnt how much the company pays in electricity.

Schaffnertasche mit galoppwechsler

Each building spend £15,000 a month in electricity only… And there are three buildings. Now I see my £70 per quarter in a different way. I find them almost attractive!

Hopefully this number will be as surprising to the students as it was to me.

The company energy consumption has been growing constantly and there is a real willingness to cut it down. Offices include computers and lights, but also the air conditioning. It seems that even if the heating is done via gas, just the circulation of the air through the buildings has a good share in the electricity bill.

continue reading…

Going There…
Well, I was a bit dreading the entrance I have to admit. Expecting almost to be searched, to go below the metal detector, ID checked, being escorted all the time with a special badge.
UK is, in general, very paranoid when it comes to security. So I was prepared for the worse!

The Netherhall School

Arrived on time on my bicycle, I went towards the entrance. There was an electric lock… like you see for doors in jail on TV. A pupil opened the door and here I am in front of the desk and the woman says “Where is he gone?!”. I was just in front, and she then left. A bit surprised, I realised she was talking about the youngster who just opened the door for me.
After a couple of minutes I’m asked if someone was dealing with me. No time for the teacher to be called and Joel is at the entrance to pick me up.
No ID check, no badge, not that bad then. They still have a bit of faith left in human kind in this school 🙂 (Having said that, Joel knew me and therefore I was not a total stranger. I feel obliged to justify otherwise I can see one newspaper without anything to say starting to slender the school) continue reading…

Time to start!
Shortly after though I heard about the Netherhall School, Cambridge looking for an Ambassador. Quite handy as the school is about two minutes away from my house cycling! and on the way to work on top of this!
To launch the event, we had to go more than an hour drive away though 😉

EcoTech Centre logo

The EcoTech Centre kindly invited us in their office. This was a nice location to talk about Energy Saving and Environmental Impact as the building has been designed for energy efficiency and most of it can be recycled.

We were six groups with about 6 students per group, one/two teachers and a company mentor. continue reading…


On the 10th November was launched the Go4SET project for the East of England. The event took place in Swaffham at the EcoTech Centre, the only wind generator you can visit.
Seeing emails going round the office, I was attracted to become a STEM Ambassador for Cambridgeshire.
ARM is giving back to the local community in participating in this program and also other education programs like the Engineering Education Scheme. continue reading…