Alban Rampon

Aide-mémoire of my extracurricular activities

It has now been a couple of weeks, but let’s say I have not really had time to get bored… With a bit of travel and friends.

The event went well and we had more than 250 registrations. Of course, as always with online events, not everyone showed up. But still, I think we had around 150 attendees on the call. Quite pleasing for my first webcast.
Of course, I understand that I’m not the individual who brought most of the attendees. But having been with Karen Bartleson, Jim St Leger and Pat was a really great experience.
I also have to applaud Lori Kate for following the call AND tweeting about it all along. continue reading…

When I hired last May, I only heard about Twitter and how people felt about it. But shortly after, I was handed the keys of @ARMCommunity. This Twitter handle is used by ARM Connected Community to inform readers about ARM Partners, ARM Powered® products and events where you can meet ARM or Partners.
I started learning by reading documents people put on the Internet and got attracted by the excellent document Partick Hopper put together: How to use Twitter and Linkedin in the Embedded marketplace. continue reading…

Being quite involved in Twitter and other social media these days, I am always looking for ways to improve my efficiency and increase the too infamous Return On Investment… Which I find being “How much sales does it really generates?”

The easy way is to look around and see what other people do, assess if it is pertinent in your market and then tweak to adapt to your exact goal.
Going round the different blogs, most writer asks for comments. But do they really want to know what you have to say, or they just wish confirmation that people displaying the page actually read it?… or they just want a blessing, confirmation that we agree with what they say? continue reading…

Since I started reading Twitter a few months back, that has been a major worry to me.
Part of my role is to find interesting information and promote it, but it is only part of my attributions.
And of course the more people you follow, the more bandwith it takes you to read all the entries…

I could see some accounts following tens of thousand of people. This is quite a big amount and it’s not reasonable to think that you are read if followed in these conditions. So why follow? continue reading…

Today, I wanted to highlight what I notice over the last ten years.
My friends and family had a common complaint: you are always changing phone number.
The reality is a bit different as I actually accumulate them and don’t really replace them.
So, in order to limit complaints and, hopefully, get more incoming calls from my beloved contacts, I created a contact page I keep updated when I move here or there… From a country to the next or from an operator to a cheaper one.
And… I failed!
The excuse I then got was: “I don’t remember your URL”
This used to be a fair notice as is not necessarily an easy domain name to keep in mind, even if it has a very legit explanation both in French and English…
In French, K-Noo is to be read as “Qu’à nous“, meaning only ours as in “only our domain name”
In English, K-Noo is slightly Scottish and means Knowledge Now and was the name of the Network Consulting business I started in 2003, on labour day!
But now, the excuse does not even stand anymore as I can be found under my name. I never thought I would, but I did buy my name as a dot com…
To put in a nutshell, if people don’t call you, they will always be able to put it on you 😉