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Why Google Tag Manager with Jive?

You can update the tracked objects or metrics without having to edit your Jive instance configuration each time. That is especially useful for people on Cloud instances who cannot edit the script call themselves.

The value for Hosted customers is that you have less risks of hanging the system as you don’t fiddle with it!

Google Tag Manager also allows you to have multiple access and version control: you don’t need to give full system administrator access to your community to people only maintaining the metrics…

The detailed principle is not only usable on Jive communities as it is generic. I have transposed my “legacy” Tags/Rules/Macros to the new beta Tags/Triggers/Variables. If you encounter issues using my description, please let me know so I can correct/ improve it.

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Today I was invited by The Community Roundtable (TheCR) to discuss with other members how we thought about Chinese members to launch the ARM Connected Community in October 2013.

I had been invited to present with Premier Farnell‘s Christy Zurcher from the excellent Element14 community at Jive World in October 2014. This was very interesting to see our totally different yet both successful approaches. Depending on which language or culture you are considering, you have to adapt the solution.

For TheCR members, I tweaked my presentation to make it less linked to the platform we run, and more about the ideas, the principles. Even if I didn’t add everything, I created a slide deck with more text compared to the one I use when presenting to be a bit more self-sufficient. In this post, I summarise and give the presentation.

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Because Jive discussions, videos, documents and some other content types don’t include the place name in the content URL, you don’t have an easy way to segment or filter for all content viewed in a particular group or space. So I have been looking at capturing the place ID along the pageview.

Also, as I run an external community, we were interested in learning the proportion of people browsing as guests and logged in. This was suggested to me as a useful metric to increase the relevance of our homepage.

I therefore looked at how I could capture a bit more information to help improve the community whilst keeping my members’ privacy!

Respect Your Member Privacy

The rule in Google Analytics is very clear. You MUST NOT capture information you can assign to a particular individual. So, even if the Jive platform allowed me to save the userid, I could not save it.

That’s fine as I had absolutely no intention to spy on the members! I have been very transparent about what script runs.

Google Analytics Configuration

I needed to create 2 new Custom Dimensions to capture these two new metrics.

Google Analytics Custom Dimensions

Google Analytics Custom Dimensions

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Social Media NetworksIf you are interested in ARM Architecture and in ARM Technology, you are probably already a member of the Linkedin ARM Based Group. If you haven’t feel welcome to have a peek. I sent the following message to the 3000 members and do welcome your feedback here or there!

Dear all,
I was finding it a bit of a stretch to expect anyone to remember that, to go to the Linkedin ARM Based Group, you need to go to… as I cannot.

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