Today, I wanted to highlight what I notice over the last ten years.
My friends and family had a common complaint: you are always changing phone number.
The reality is a bit different as I actually accumulate them and don’t really replace them.
So, in order to limit complaints and, hopefully, get more incoming calls from my beloved contacts, I created a contact page I keep updated when I move here or there… From a country to the next or from an operator to a cheaper one.
And… I failed!
The excuse I then got was: “I don’t remember your URL”
This used to be a fair notice as is not necessarily an easy domain name to keep in mind, even if it has a very legit explanation both in French and English…
In French, K-Noo is to be read as “Qu’à nous“, meaning only ours as in “only our domain name”
In English, K-Noo is slightly Scottish and means Knowledge Now and was the name of the Network Consulting business I started in 2003, on labour day!
But now, the excuse does not even stand anymore as I can be found under my name. I never thought I would, but I did buy my name as a dot com…
To put in a nutshell, if people don’t call you, they will always be able to put it on you 😉